Air Duct Cleaning

What’s in the air you are breathing? When we are outside it is difficult to control what we breathe but in many cases the air in our homes is much worse. The good news is indoor air pollution is one risks that you can do something about with regular air duct cleaning.

• 97% of homes have indoor air quality issues.

• Dirty coils and ducts use as much as 30% more energy than clean ones.

• The EPA ranks indoor air pollution among the top five health risks.



  • Customers with allergies will benefit from having their air ducts cleaned. 

  • Customers who have problems with excessive dust on furniture. We really noticed less dusting was required for months after the duct cleaners did their job.

  • Customers whose heating vents have dust around the corners.

  • Customers whose heating vents have obvious debris inside.

  • People with pets may wish to have air duct cleaning done  more often.

  • New Construction. During the building of the home, the heat system is exposed to all types of contaminants. Often the heat system is used to dry out the sheetrock mud, speeding up the process for the painters, and sucking all the sheetrock debris thru the heating system. Trained duct cleaners can help!

  • New homeowners or tenants. You never know what pets, habits, allergens, etc the previous owner/tenant may have introduced to the heating system. Small kids drop food down floor vents, then you breathe the mold spores. It is very common for air vent cleaning customers to have their vents cleaned before moving in to a new home.

  • Customers who have a new furnace installed, but are reusing their existing duct work. It’s a shame to run a brand new furnace and suck all the old nasties into it! Many heating companies hire us to perfom air duct cleaning services.

  • Our customers living off gravel roads. The excessive dust will greatly shorten the life span of your homes heating system. Rural customers often have duct cleaning services performed more often.